Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why is Seven Sacred?

Some people call 'em Chakras...I was taught to call them seals, like the wax seal of a scroll, when opened the lesson unfolds. "Seals" are what are mentioned in the book of revelations. But a rose by any other name still smells the same.

The Seals are manifested in the body as endocrine glands, and the normal secretions of these glands gives us our clues as to what the lesson of each seal is:
Base seal - Testes - sexuality
Second seal - Ovaries - emotional pain
Third seal - Adrenals - power

These three seals are the ones that equate to survival, and to the human animal. They are often symbolized by an inverted equilateral triangle, often drawn in black. Women are actually a little ahead of men, in general, because we don't have as
much testosterone, which would tend to keep our energy in the base seal. We tend to the second seal in our teens and twenties, but usually are more third seal as we gain distance from childbearing urges.

Fourth seal - Thymus - Love
We all mostly dwelt at this level before puberty. The kundalini rose up to this seal. Love and growth go hand in hand. Most of us can recall the deep feelings of unconditional love we felt for those around us as children. That is fourth seal love, unlike the "love" of lower seals which is more often lust and curiosity mixed together.

Fifth seal - Thyroid - Expression of love
We have all felt our throat tighten when we were deep in emotional pain. This is the withdrawal of energy from the upper seals, into the lower, and a shutting down of this seal - not a permanent shutting down though, just a response to the emotional situation.

Sixth seal - Pineal - All is God
Seventh seal - Pituitary - I am God

Energy blocked at any of these levels will lead to dis-ease. And energy returning to them will give you symptoms too.
Common diseases related to these are:
1st seal - Prostate and testicular abnormalities
2nd seal - Ovarian cysts, endometriosis, cervical cancer
3rd seal - Diabetes
4th seal - a person who is hard hearted would develop hardening of the cardiac arteries. A person who is broken hearted may get a literally broken heart.
5th seal - A person who feels love but can't seem to express it develops cardiac congestive disease, congestive heart failure.
6th seal - Sleep disorders, depression related to lack of circulating seratonin... not sure what else.

Energy returning to the seventh seal/pituitary in greater amounts will cause the gland to grow and blossom, so to speak, but this will give you terrible headaches. I thought I had meningitis the first time I had one, because there is increased intercranial pressure with it, and often fever. This is different from other migraines in that the location of the pain is between your eyes and 2-3 inches in your head, right where your pituitary is. At first I had to take Darvocet for mine, but later I had a dream that told me to switch to nsaids, and I found motrin worked even better. I wouldn't have ever thought so, because the pain is just very intense, but it worked.

As there are seven seals there are also seven heavens. Each pair of seal and heaven corresponds to a wavelength level of the electromagnetic spectrum:
1 - Hertzian
2 - Infrared
3 - Visible Light
4 - Ultraviolet
5 - Xray
6 - Gamma Ray
7 - beyond our ability to read - mystically named Infinite Unknown
(Scientists don't like to be associated with mysticism so, fairly recently, they have added two levels between hertzian and infrared, and don't give comment on beyond Gamma - but these seven levels are traditionally correct)
To me it seems logical that if everything you can detect with your five senses is at the Hertzian level, then with a body of finer stuff there ought to be more to experience in each of the finer levels. In fact out of body experience, as I have known it is actually experienced in a lighter body and on a higher level. You can use this at night, when you sleep to explore the higher heavens, and know more about them. Just ask your spirit to make it so when you say your bedtime prayers.

There are also seven levels of the brain attuned to each of the seven heavens. I, sadly, have yet to learn them all, but here are some:
Cerebrum - hertzian - 1st seal
Midbrain - infrared - 2nd seal
Corpus callosum - ? 3rd or 4th
Cerebellum - 7th seal

So we have it:
Seven seals/glands locking up seven lessons to evolve through,
Seven levels of the brain attuned to each of the seven heavens,
Seven heavens with a body and mind on each,
All the way back to God


SeeThroughGreen said...

Thats a really cool blog. I like how you find conections and lay it out like you do. Great writing and great topic!

wylde otse said...

Paramahansa Yogananda said that the highest frequency-energy level was 'lifetrons'; at which we can become one with the Creative Divine Spirit. (I think he said this is one level above the 'cosmic rays' - and the highest.)

Lily Wyte said...

Lifetrons... I like that :)

Thanks for reading my scribbles guys. You're both pretty cool.

wylde otse said...

there are about a million adherents to his teachings today
: a beautiful spirit ('died' 1952 :o)

(book: Autobiography of a Yogi)