Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Chariot

The Chariot - This character is the fool again, but in this life time the person the fool represents has made the choice to live the master's path. The Fool has become the spiritual warrior. Behind him is the city, which represents traditional thought and accepted norms (social consciousness) of his people. There are some trees that represent his own neural networkss of prejudice, and limited thinking. These he has left behind, along with the dear friends and family who think he's gone cracked. He's cried a river of tears, but all that is behind him now. On the front of his chariot is the winged solar disc, which represents the enlightened brain - that is where he is headed - and the unified feminine and masculine, the red top, which represents where he has gained mastery, the base seal. The sphinxes represent the also polarized second seal, of emotional pain - they are tamed and working for him. On his breast he wears a white square, which represents the plane of visible light, the third seal; and on his or her garb we see symbols of the sources of visible light on this plane - moon, sun, flames(perhaps - the points of the crown), planets... The wand is not too impressive yet, but its a start. Above the head is a blue veil, a higher heaven this entity has not attained yet(the fourth/ultraviolet).
What this entity needs now is power. See how the skirt is patterned with alchemical and cabalistic symbols. Knowledge is only philosophy, a toy for mental gymnastics, until you have had life experiences that will give you understanding of the truth that the knowledge describes. Then it comes alive. Then it is wisdom and power. For instance I could tell you why people find it so hard to leave abusive relationships, but until you have experienced that terror yourself it has little meaning. Or, I could tell you the next dimension is light, but until you see for yourself you are at best only taking my word for it. We can all tell each other we are God until we are blue in the face, but until we experience it, it's just words. The philosophy, experienced, equals the power we need to begin seeing the truth of our own divinity. It is hard to see God in self, when self is a cringing, whining, powerless...
But it's not so hard when we have actually healed with our hands, actually known without being told, when we have gained power.

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wylde otse said...

wow. this is one of ones I think is your best.

p.s. the dude isn't so bad looking either.