Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Is The Senate Not Even Considering The Only Health Care Plan That Really Works?

"There are rare moments of clarity when we the people can see
through the veil of illusion designed to condition us into docile
There was such a moment this week, when Senator Max Baucus, chairman
of the Senate Finance Committee, having already preemptively excluded
any participation of a credible spokesperson for single payer health
care, laughingly joked "we need more police", when one qualified
doctor and lawyer after another stood up to protest their exclusion
from the debate.
THAT was the real Max Baucus, a contemptuous corporatist, who is as
likely to voluntarily bring forward a real people's health program as
Dick Cheney is likely to voluntarily testify under oath. Perhaps you
have already seen the video clip
(it is on the action page), of him trying to laugh off consideration of single payer health care.
And it is not just Baucus, the whole Senate panel erupted into
riotous laughter. Even the so-called "liberals", like John Kerry, who
was anxious to get in his own wisecrack about "Is there anybody in
the audience who didn't ... uh ... come to ...", before it finally dawned on Baucus how incredibly bad this would look on video, as he interrupted Kerry, to try to resume projecting the usual phony concern and compassion.

Folks, this is who those senators REALLY are. This is the way they talk about us behind closed doors, in their cloakrooms, snickering with the lobbyists paying them off about how they pulled off another fast one under the noses of the people. When they are joking, as when Bush joked about being a dictator, THAT is who they really are. And the whole charade DEPENDS on them fooling us into thinking they are representing us for even one second that they are not FORCED to by our active voices.

There is a MASSIVE industry sponsored astroturf campaign going on right this very instant. If you are reading this on a web site, even a progressive one, this very page may be wallpapered with slick banner ads calling for a "balanced health care debate" or "fair health care", and it is one of the most deceptive "petition" actions we have ever encountered, asking you to sign on to a HIDDEN agenda, WITHOUT even disclosing what you are actually signing on to. "Fair and balanced health care". Where have we heard an expression like that before?
In the words of the AP itself, these industry groups are trying to strike a preemptive deal with Obama "in the hopes they can stave off legislation that would restrict their profitability in future years". In other words, to KILL single payer health care, which would give the American people the REAL savings (estimated for us at 350 billion per year) that the people of every other major industrial nation
already enjoy.

And most of all, please understand that of all the huge lies that they have told us, there is ONE lie at the heart of them all. Lies like they were going to end the war in Iraq, when they had no intention of doing any such thing, when the plan has always been and REMAINS to keep at least 50,000 troops in that country until the end of time, that they were going to do something to help struggling homeowners, when the plan was always to loot the public treasury for trillions of dollars, a massive transfer of wealth to the Wall Street con men who caused the whole financial crisis in the first place.

We could go on and on, but there is one lie at the root of them all.

Do you know what it is?

The mother of all lies. The lie they use again and again to keep us from bringing about real change. The biggest lie of them all. Bigger than "compassionate conservatism", bigger than "the war on terror", bigger than "weapons of mass destruction", bigger than "the trickle down theory", bigger than "torture keeps us safe", yes, even bigger than "looking forward not backward" or "change we can believe in".
Do you know what the biggest, most diabolical lie they have ever told
us is?
The BIGGEST LIE of ALL: that we the people do not have the power to
change any of this.

Do we not understand our power? Do we not understand that they shaking in their socks right now in fear that we will finally get it, that there is NO power without the consent of the governed, and that all we have to do is say "No more" in sufficient numbers, and we the people will be free.
Their position is so WEAK, so lacking in merit, so indefensible, they are so afraid of the power of our positions that they have to resort to police oppression to try to shut us up. That is why they need to call on "more police" to keep single payer advocates from even having a speaking seat at the table, to try to keep their voices OUT of the media. Because if the public for one moment was exposed to an actual fair debate, the phony "fair debate" would be seen for the total charade and sham that is it.
We don't need more police. That is not the health care plan we are calling for. We need need more doctors, and nurses, not more insurance company administrators awarding themselves outrageous bonuses to deny suffering people in pain the health care they deserve.
...At the end of the day we have no enemy greater than our own defeatism. It is the lie they tell us to tell ourselves, without which they have NO power at all besides
the gun they can point at our heads."


ARIE said...

Mahatma Gandhi said:

"With this salt I'm shattering the foundations of an empire".

I agree with you. If we all wake up, then it is possible to bring real change.

It has already been proven that it is possible.


spottedwolf said...

We are suffering the same ridiculous apathy which seems traditional here in canada.Our provincial election just placed the so-called BC Liberals back in for a third term. With their incessant desire to lick the boots of fear based ideologies we are seeing an attempt at erasing the very foundations of canada's long prized medical system. I figure it won't be long....north or south of the line before things come to another stupefying has long been a thought of mine I'll see martial-law in urban areas before I die....

Love ya Lil....yer a special gurl

wylde otse said...

Were it that clarity fell like gentle rain upon the peoples of this earth.
And washed away the mind control of popular television and pretend news.
And they would see that the freedom and democracry they puportedly vote for... both democrats and republicans are controlled by the same elite self-serving despoilers of the planet...

And sooo...good buddies, wherein lies the power of the truth?

Lily Wyte said...

I think they have already decided to kill off large segments of the population, rather than change to more efficient technologies. I hope they get caught in their own net.

wylde otse said...

The killing is already begun in police 'civilian oversight'... mostly goons now apply for the Canadian national police...good people are becomming too disgusted with the brutality, now normal. (and there fewer and fewer good cops staying on in the force...the good ones don't get promoted - cops reporting internal wrong-doing get reprimanded or demoted.)

( If you have a strong" RCMP corruption Lanny Lanrud Interview 2007 " )

I 've been pushed to the ground and kicked by the R.C.M.P, for not giving them my name - for saying, " I want to know the reason why you want to know my name. " At no point did I offer any resistance - just took the beating - knowing otherwise I would have given them reason to arrest me. (also there was an aboriginal man who witnessed this and said he would testify for me in court - thinking about this later, I hope they didn't go back at him too.)

They took me to the police station and searched me... and then said. " You can go now." I asked, " I'm not under arrest?"
They said no.
(Abduction is not an offence, if you are RCMP, it seems :o)

A particular bad place is Prince George, British Columbia... a judge was convicted for forcing young aboriginal girls to have sex with him at gun point.
Also, an RCMP officer there left a young girl naked and beaten by the side of the road(after raping her). Some time later she was found dead from a "drug overdose" before she could the cop "got off", I read.

We have seen a brutal manslaughter on Youtube video, of a distraught Polish visitor, by four RCMP
officers at Vancouver International Airport, where he had been stranded in a supposedly high security area, for 13 hours (unable to get any assistance from anyone). WITH OUR OWN EYES WE SEE THIS: then be told that the truth in Canada is what the "Authorities" decide the ' truth is; hard evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

The para-military structured R.C.M.P force no longer cares about impotent judges and federal government...they consider themselves above the law, and openly admit to lying, without consequence, when they are found out. They protect 'their own'...even as far as serial rapists and killers?...interesting why no bodies were found of the 1 or 2 dozen girls and young women missing around Prince George...

Don't know if anyone of 'their own' will get caught in their net...sort of a catch-and-release-program... remember how bad it got in Argentina decades ago ... thousands upon thousands "disapeared"...the citizens had no guns to protect themselves. (nor did the 5 or 6 million of the ethnocide of WW2)

btw...citizens are getting used to human cattle-prods, but who in-the-name-of-Satan gave permission for the tasering of humans; box cars next?

Police State / Bad Moon Arising

Time to disband, or reduce the RCMP.

Too much power corrupts...can anyone imagine what would happen if the RCMP were the only ones with guns? The criminals would know honest citizens were unprotected (and the police would be leading the charge)...

If citizens are unwilling or unable to stand up for human dignity and rights, they will die on their knees.

Lily Wyte said...

Well said. I didn't know it was so bad in Canada. Remember Dudley Doo-right?
Here in the US FEMA is building concentration camps. You can see them for yourself on YouTube.