Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lovers

The Lovers - This card is all about choice, as many have said, but it is really more complex than that. This card says: Whatever you give your time, attention and thought to, will be what manifests in your life. That is the crux of it really and you don't have to read anymore to get it.
On the one side we have Eve or Lilith (we could even call her Pandora whose box or jar as a euphemism for her womb) and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The tree represents the body you need to experience this plane - trees generally symbolize the central nervous system, the bushy brain on top of the elongated spinal cord, with its roots extending out into the body; but as the CNS is what tells the cells what proteins to make, and ultimately makes the body, a tree can also symbolize the body. Which begs the question: What is wrong with taking on a body and experiencing life? That depends on who you give you power away too... er, who you ask. There have always been people who are willing to say the body is the source of our downfall. In truth there is nothing wrong with incarnating into flesh. It was the next step on our path of exploration. It is a privilege and an honor to be one of those given a body. But there are entities who are afraid to take the plunge, angelic entities who have never left the upper realms; and some of them truly despise us for doing what they fear to do, and some of these have interfered with us in our vulnerable state, teaching us to worship them and that what we did was wrong. We are the fallen angels of this myth, but it was more a leap of faith, than a casting down. I mean, you can only sit on a cloud plucking your harp for so long... Anyway, Eve, Lilith and Pandora got the blame.
The snake in Eve's tree is the kundalini, and the fruit is the mind created when that brain of unique genetics processes thought. We all know every mind is unique. Eve's tree could be called the tree of involution, as spiritually we were still descending from the God-head. Adam's tree, the Tree of Eternal Life, could also be called the tree of Evolution, because it represents a new body; the one with which we will continue to make known the unknown by ascending this plane. Allot has happened on those upper planes since you last saw them. Adam's tree could also be called a tree of light, as it is on fire. It has twelve flames, and that is important because twelve is the all inclusive number, saying: you don't have to be a Jesus or a Dali lama to ascend, anyone can who is willing to and wanting to.
The squiggly ground between the two lover's feet represents the winding path most of us wander between carnality and spirituality. But the path was a good one after all because it leads eventually to the mountain. All paths that lead to and climb the mountain are paths of spiritual evolution.
Between the two figures are some clouds. They aren't there for the spirit to ride on, they represent the brain. If you know a bit about brain anatomy you can even pick out some of the structures. This brings us back again to choice. Do we choose to spend every minute of the day living for things that give us emotion, the carnal things - the emotion of eating, of cuddling, of having an opinion, of being a victim, or perpetrator - or do we give some of our day to prayer and meditation, to expanding our knowledge, to expanding our God powers (manifestation, invisibility, healing, psychic communication, bilocation, biolocation, remote seeing...). There is only so much life force in the kundalini, but if we are progressive and ongoing it can become that other body without ever dying. That's part of what Jesus did those three days in the tomb.
The solar angel is not an angel at all, but our own holy spirit. It will make manifest in our lives which ever sorts of experiences we give our thought to. The spirit doesn't judge us for our choice. There is allot to be said for living life lustily - you don't want to be off on planet X wishing for one more pizza, or sunrise, or sniff of perfume... Satisfy all that now and you will never have cause for regret later. But when you are sated, let that sort of thing go. Don't be like the alcoholic who keeps reaching for alcohol though it stopped bringing joy into his life long ago; let it go.
There is a tricky aspect to manifesting though because sometimes we desire something and think we are focusing on it, but the real emotion behind the desire was lack, and so lack is what you are actually manifesting. There is an axiom the wise follow:
Seek first the kingdom of Heaven, and all else will follow.
Our God isn't ignorant of the fact that health, and wealth are important enhancements to life incarnate. Our God doesn't desire we live a limited life of poverty, and illness. But these things are gifts that can tie a person even more fully to the carnal nature. Whereas, if they are withheld, they can be the carrot leading the horse (us) further down the path home, which is always what we hope for when we are planning our life. These things naturally flow into the life of a person who lives first for spiritual evolution.

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r00tman said...

I like your take on the body. After all, "the word became flesh."