Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hermit

The Hermit - In the oldest of faiths the chief amongst the Gods was the God of the Axis Mundi. The Dagda, Atlas, Cronus... he comes down to us as Santa Claus, and for a good reason.

Remember that I said The Warrior/Charioteer needed the power of wisdom, well this card is one way you gain wisdom. When you turn to the spiritual path you usually have many years of human experience under your belt. The problem with it is, that not all of it has become wisdom yet. These are those buttons that the world just seems to love to push, and every time we have an emotional reaction, just like we always have. And every time we do that we are loosing the chance to resolve the problem. This card is the key to finally resolving these issues. It is The Observer, that is why he is peering down. He is observing all of life unfold below where he stands.

Symbolically his staff is the celestial north pole, which even primitive people could observe the heavens revolved around, day and night. In a way he and his staff are one. He stands on a snowcapped mountain in a snowbound place, the far north (yes, we know there is an ice cap there, but historically he was always imaged as standing on a mountain or "earthen mound" which represented the Cerebellum, and the Earth Goddess "Beauteous Ceres" because that is the part of the brain where this God operates from). He wears gray because he is invisible. In his lantern he has locked the pole star, the only star which seems not to revolve.

Have you ever, perhaps on the verge of an emotional storm, stepped back from it into an unemotional state of mind? Have you ever, under great stress had a greater self seem to step forward and assume control - perhaps you had to testify in court, or were about to have a car accident? Those are the moments when we have become the Observer, the God we really are. In the emergency we quickly turned our will over to God, and things worked to our best advantage. Thing is we need to do it more often. Those buttons? If you can stand back, in an emotionless space, and observe your body trying to have the same old reaction, the neural network of that habitual reaction will fall apart, and in it's place you get wisdom - a new perspective literally. Sometimes doing this exercise once is all it takes, sometimes two or three times more. It is a very powerful tool. In a moment you have changed your life. The diss-ease that would have become disease is now treasure, wisdom.

And, as if that wasn't enough, this is also where you go with your desires, the things you are ready to allow into your life. You draw a picture, or some other representation of your desire and observe it; never letting the mind stray to how and when, you just observe.


annie kelleher said...

ooh i love the Hermit - it is one of my archetypes as well,...theres nothing quite as profound as silence :)

SeeThroughGreen said...

Stepping back from your mind, emotions and thoughts is a hard thing for many people to do, but once they do they find out so much about who they are.
I have only begun to take steps back and see myself from the outside and it is difficult, sometimes scary and always confusing because it reveals things about me that I never knew, or things that I denied and only wanted to supress.
The Hermit is a great card, it teaches many things and prompts people to search for their own truths.
Bravo on the post!

magikalseasons said...

I needed this today. When you see the world around you coming apart it's easy to let your emotions take over. I have other people counting on me and I needed this reminder to take a step back. Thanks!

ARIE said...

This is the difference between:
1. Impression => wrong reaction
2. Impression => Understanding =>
right action.

Right action can only be taken if one is at the center of the sphere.

One way to develop the Obeserver is to practice splitting attention.
This can lead to the alligment of the intellect, emotion and instinct. When this happens one is connected to the Divine Self.
It is quite difficult to put this kind of experience into words but it something very special.

This requires a lot of practice.

Start with two impression, then add another one, and another one...

Slow down, slow motion. Do what can be done in one minute for 10 minutes.

Know thyself

Lily Wyte said...

SeeThroughGreen - Its okay for us to be who and what we are. I'm not even sure we can change that basic self. It's more actions we have the choice in, and even then we sometimes would have made different choices if we had had better information to decide from. Love your self, whatever you find is true, and you will be strides ahead of humanity; so much so that you likely will extend that self love to more and more others.
You don't have to trust people to love them either. Just trust yourself to keep your boundaries, and be your own best friend.

Annie and Majikal - Thanks for your comments.

Arie - By Jove I think you've got it!

wylde otse said...

Thinking about emotions...not sure what part they play. Is it ever ok to display anger, say toward a friend who gets drunk and is hurtful...and to say: "**** you".
Love too, can be an emotion...and, inappropriately, one can say...in intimate way... " I love you." (knowing, say, that the person is married).

Ok, thinking about it, re-reading the wise comments here...The test, I suppose is how we feel and think about what did, the next day: in the calm and quiet contemplation of early morning light.
What if one of the lessons we were able to learn in the classroom of this world/life is learn is that it is better that our emotions serve us, rather than for us to be ruled by emotion. If so, I'm not at the head-of-the-class yet. Even if I were 98-99% there, still bugs me that I'm not all there. Is there ever a time not to follow one's heart ?
Is not love the highest ideal?

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